Ramhoo Red Social

Ramhoo Red Social 2.2 y versiones superiores

Live chat, Real time Notification, comments

Live chat, Real time Notification, comments

Live chat, Real time Notification, comments

Photos, Photo Albums : give your members to upload photos with albums

News Feed : Display posts from people you are following and who you have as friends

Profile timeline: Display your posts on your personal profile

Events: Movies, location,Musics, Games, Photos. e.t.c

Share: Share posts from others to your timeline and friends

#Hashtags: Use #hashtags in your posts, comments e.t.c

Trending topics: This display what’s hot to your member base on the hottest #hashtags

Likes: Like posts, pages

Pages: Create fan page, allow your friends and followers to like it

Follow: Follow celebrities, popular people to get there messages

Message System: Send private messages to your friends and also set privacy for who send you message

Community: Create communities, invite your friends to join, you can create both private and public communities

Games: Let your members play games, add games, likes games, e.t.c

@Mention: Mention your friends in a post, or @mention somebody to send a message to the person

Post with: When you are with your friend, let your other friends know about that when you are posting

Link Preview: when you post links, details like title,description are pull and displayed

Invite Friends: Invite friends with there emails, with record, so once they join they will be added to your friends list

See what your friends are doing in a real time

Real time check of new activities from your friends

.....Much more

Chat System

1. send your friends message through the chatbox

2. Ability to chat with three friends at a time

3. Send images through the chatboxes

4. Emoticons share with your friends

5. Detect when your friend is typing or not

Terms and condition: http://www.ramhoo.com/terms

Ramhoo Red Social


Ramhoo Red Social 2.2 y versiones superiores